Between our conscious, waking world and the subconscious state of slumber, there is a thinly veiled plane of lucid dreaming. While the conscious state belongs to individuals, the hidden plane of dreams is one shared by all human minds, past, present, and future. Yet only a few have ever possessed the power to enter this secret realm at will - where a war is being waged to control the waking world. For our earthly wishes and desires are not our own, but under the manipulation of these unseen masters of dreams. The heroine of Gate 7 is Hana, a high-school girl hailing from Kyoto, the daughter of a temple caretaker. Her peaceful ways give her the self-control to act in the hidden realm. But Hana can only reach it through the strange beast that acts as her totem in the world of dreams - and her companion on a journey to confront the puppeteers of our reality!
One day a boy name Takamoto Chikahito decides to visit the place he loves and has been dreaming to go to every since, Kyoto. There he visits many wonderful sites, but comes across a startling surprise. A girl named Hana jumps out of a tree with two guys, Tachibana and Sakura. Hana magically holds a katana that Sakura formed. She swiftly moves towards Chikahito, but doesn't aim for him. Instead she was going after destorying a beast. Chikahito then faints after seeing this.

Chikahito wakes up to find himself in a temple. He starts asking questions about the katana and th
Hana kimono flower on her head
e weird event that just happened,but instead he shared noodles with Hana.Tachibana,and Sakura. Later Tachibana and Sakura decides whether to suck his memories out or burn them. They decide on burning them, but for some reason it doesn't work. At that moment Hana grabs his wrist and oukks him outside and in the oneshot it ends with a kiss between Hana and Chikahito.

After this event Chikahito went home,but his mom had an opportunity that she couldn't pass up, so Chikahito had to move some where. He move to Kyoto suspecting that he would never see this place again or the same girl, but later he meets her in a noodle shop along with Tachibana and Sakura. They share a meal of nabeyaki udon, Hana's favorite food. After they finish eating they tour Chikahito around Kyoto.In the end Hana an decided to let Chikahito live with her. Along the way what adventures meet when coming to Kyoto?