chikahato visiting kyoto.

A high school sophomore who like Kyoto history and anything about it.

Takamoto Chikahito


Takamoto Chikahito


高本 致佳人 (たかもと ちかひと)






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Chikahito always seen wearing glasses and coat.


He is a cheerful person who care about other. He is an oblivious person who don't always know about its surrounding. He like Kyoto history and wanted to go there since he was little.


He is a high school student who used to live in Tokyo. During school break, he went to Kyoto (the place he admire the most). At Kyoto, he entered into a different space where he saw Hana, Sakura and Tachibana fighting a beast. He fainted after seeing it. Then, he wakes up to find himself inside a temple. He started asking question and the weird thing that just happened, but instead he shared noodles with Hana.Tachibana,and Sakura. Later Tachibana and Sakura decides whether to suck his memories out or burn them. They decide on burning them, but for some reason it doesn't work. At that moment Hana grabs his wrist and oukks him outside and in the oneshot it ends with a kiss between Hana and Chikahito. Hana actually used myouhou to summon him.


After this event Chikahito went home,but his mom had an opportunity that she couldn't pass up, so Chikahito had to move some where. He move to Kyoto suspecting that he would never see this place again or the same girl, but later he meets her in a noodle shop along with Tachibana and Sakura. They share a meal of nabeyaki udon, Hana 's favorite food. After they finish eating they tour Chikahito around Kyoto.In the end Hana an decided to let Chikahito live with her.

During he stay, he cooks food for everyone in the temple. After eating breakfast, Hana and Chikahito meet Hidetsugu when walking around Kyoto. Hidetsugu treat them for some ramen. Hidetsugu test Chikahito using his power. Chikahito meets an oni for the first time name Mikoto .