Am incarnation of Toyotomi Hidetsugu and current owner of Urashichiken.

Toyotomi Hidetsugu


Toyotomi Hidetsugu


豊臣 秀次(とよとみ ひでつぐ)

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Chapter 2


Hidetsugu is very tall - around the same height as Sakura . His hair is black and shaggy. He is often seen wearing casual everyday clothing.


When Hidetsugu makes his first appearance Chikahito describes him as having a creepy aura and being a suspicious guy. He knows Hana very well.

Later Hidetsugu is shown to be very relaxed and teasing. For example, when Chikahito is flustered at all the new information at the beginning of the series, Hidetsugu describes it as "Chikahito's debut." Hidetsugu remains calm in tense situations, often trying to work things out with as little fuss as possible.


Hidetsugu's Oni is Mikoto. Most likely because Mikoto's abilities specialize in foresight, Hidetsugu has not been on the offense in attack.

Hidetsugu also has great influence in Kyoto, presumably because of the company he owns. This influence is shown when Date Masamune takes Gracia (aka Tama) to a hospital and Kojuro explains that the hospital is under Hidetsugu's influence, thus, they do not ask many questions. As a reincarnation of Toyotomi Hidetsugu, he also has great influence as the leader of the Toyo clan.